The Keg and Case West 7th Market showcases the finest in Minnesota offerings, with diverse chef-driven restaurants, a taproom, incredible coffee, organic ice cream, a variety of confections and treats, honey, and meats. The market offers an array of unique items like halva, wild and foraged food items, gourmet cotton candy and Switchel! Additionally, you’ll find a talented florist, local art and pottery and everything from grilled cheese to banh-mi. You’re invited to come for a snack, a meal, a drink, or to do some shopping or fill your picnic basket. There are so many wonderful choices that you'll want to keep coming back to experience every exciting and delectable option!

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Interested in leasing space within the market or popping-up? If you are a grower, producer, or purveyor interested in participating, please fill out the application form.

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